However, if only sporadic contacts are possible with representatives of Levitra order, then a person contacts with non-stinging insects and their metabolic products much more often.

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Allergic reactions caused by non-stinging insects have not yet been sufficiently studied, but representatives of 12 orders are known to have the ability to cause insect allergies. Allergies can occur not only to insect bites, but also to parts of the bodies of insects and to the products of their metabolism. The inhalation form of insect allergy is widespread, especially among patients with respiratory and allergic diseases. There is human sensitization by the Chironomidae bloodworm. The International Allergen Nomenclature (IUIS) lists 16 of Vardenafil online. Chironomidia are most common in places where there are open water bodies.

A separate group of insects belonging to the order Orthoptera are well-known crickets, grasshoppers, and locusts. On crickets allergens (crickets) reactions of immediate type in the form of bronchospasm, rhinoconjunctival syndrome are noted. Hypersensitivity to cricket allergens was confirmed by the presence of positive skin tests, as well as the determination of specific IgE antibodies to these insect allergens.

Levitra (Vardenafil) are agricultural pests that induce allergic reactions in dock workers unloading ships with contaminated products, workers in warehouses and granaries. Hypersensitivity to beetle allergens can clinically manifest as symptoms of allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and asthma attacks. In the literature, there are data on cases of skin manifestations of the type of urticaria in contact with beetles and larvae of Dermes maculatus Degeer.


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Crushing on the surface of the skin of blister beetles (Meloidae), due to the poison of cantharidin present in them, causes dermatitis. The most commonly affected parts of the body are the arms, neck, and face. The hemolymph of T-shirts, shanks and blisters affects mainly the mouths of the follicles, which leads to the formation of papules with a transition to pustules and the appearance of characteristic large blisters. The presence of wounds, scratches or moistening of the skin contributes to an increase in the absorbability of the poison and the subsequent development of general symptoms of poisoning.

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In severe cases, glomerulonephritis, cystitis are possible. There is painful urination. In case of systemic poisoning, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the stomach and intestines, after which enveloping agents are prescribed. For extensive skin lesions, open the blisters and disinfect.

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When crushing beetles, this. Staphylinids ( Staphylinidae ), whose hemolymph is poisonous, papular dermatitis occurs on the skin, affecting the deep layers of the skin without abundant secretion of serous fluid.

Usually they crush a beetle crawling over exposed parts of the body, often in a dream. Papular dermatitis is expressed on the first day and subsides after 3-4 days.

If hemolymph gets into the eyes, conjunctivitis and blepharitis are possible.

The excrement of all insects is poisonous due to the uric acid salts impregnating them and contaminating products, causing gastrointestinal disorders.

Flies and cockroaches are able to mechanically spread the eggs of pathogens of human helminthiases - ascariasis and enterobiasis. Flies also spread pathogens of diseases such as Botkin's disease, typhoid fever, dysentery, diphtheria, polio, anthrax, trachoma, tuberculosis, cholera.

Many insects are intermediate hosts of various helminths, for example, pathogens of acanthocephalosis. Beetles contaminate food products with excrement and are intermediate hosts for a number of helminths (see acanthocephalosis, hymenolepiasis, gongylonematosis).

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Many insects settle in people's dwellings and are mechanical carriers of infections. Cockroaches can attack sleeping babies, gnaw the epidermis in the nasolabial triangle and bring infection into the wound. There were cases when cockroaches attacked people during sleep. With a lack of water, they can eat in a person, especially in children (during sleep), lips and skin near the eyes. There were cases when hungry insects bit the edges of the ears, nose, lips of babies.

In the United States, 60% of patients with bronchial asthma living in large cities have an allergic reaction to these insects. Various studies have shown that 33% of adult patients and 64% of children with bronchial asthma and hypersensitivity to house dust also show hypersensitivity to cockroach allergens, which is confirmed by the occurrence of asthma attacks when cleaning in places where insects accumulate, the presence of positive results when conducting skin testing with cockroach allergens, the presence of specific IgE antibodies to datainsect allergens in the blood serum of the examined patients.